About Yancey

Hello. I am Yancey Sanderson.

My wife Jennifer and I have two amazing daughters – Taylor and Payton. My world revolves around helping prepare them for a successful life.

My guiding belief as a parent is that my job is to help my daughters gain the skills necessary to succeed now so one day they can use those skills on their own. As the saying goes, “It is my job to prepare them for the road, not prepare the road for them.”

I want them to be better prepared for life than I was.

I have worked in public education for the past 20 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator. I see the direct effects of average actions every day.

I know average is the enemy of great.

I regularly find myself looking at average people taking average actions and asking myself, “What if I did the opposite? Can that help me be great?”

The abundance of average I see and these questions prompted me to start The Opposite Project. The goal of this project is to identify average actions and skills and find ways to do the opposite so we can become the greatest version of ourselves possible.

I can’t wait to hear how The Opposite Project has helped you become great.

Yancey –

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