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What is your 4 minute mile?

For decades medical professionals thought it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes.

Doctors and athletes alike agreed the human body was not physically capable. They all believed this barrier was unbreakable.

In 1959, Roger Bannister proved all of the experts wrong. He finished his one mile race in 3:59.4.

The impossible was proven possible.

After decades of trying with no success, all of the sudden other runners started beating the magical number too.

In the two years after Bannister’s legendary race, dozens of other runners ran a mile in less than four minutes.

Why did a record that stood for so long suddenly become so breakable?

For the first time, people truly believed they could do it. Bannister’s accomplishment ignited a new belief in their own ability.

They were shown the impossible was actually possible.

It is amazing what the body can do when the mind knows it is possible.

What are the unbreakable records you have built for yourself?

What are the things in your life that others are telling you are impossible?

What is your 4 minute mile?

Why are you letting them determine what you can or cannot accomplish?

As long as you believe it is impossible, you might as well not even try, because you are right.

If you really want to accomplish it, you must start believing you can do it. Become your own Roger Bannister and break through the imaginary barrier someone else has set for you.

– @YanceySanderson

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