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Kids don’t do what you say. They do what they see. How you live your life is their example. – Paul Levesque

Average parents believe in the “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy. This philosophy works OK as long as we are with our children to enforce it. However, as soon as they are away from our direct control, kids will always go back to the behaviors they have seen us do.

Do the Opposite!

We can’t just tell our kids what to do. We must show them we are willing to do these things too.  Great parents must be willing to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Here are 3 things children need to see their parents do:

  1. Get out of bed and go to work. Even when we don’t feel like it. A strong work ethic is learned from observing.
  2. Be kind to others. Especially those who can do nothing for us. It is easy to be nice to people who can help us. Showing our kids how to be kind to everyone could change the world.
  3. Be honest. About everything. Telling the ticket taker your 7 year old daughter is 5 so you can buy a child’s ticket instead of an adult’s may not seem like a big deal. In reality, it clearly shows your children it is OK to lie for some things. Once they believe this, they get to determine what those things are.

If we want our children to find the way, we must show them the way!

I have a little secret to share—your children are not picking up their pesky behaviors and attitudes from the other children in class, or from video games, television, music, or the “naughty” cousin they see on holidays. They are mimicking you. ― Vicki Hoefle