Kids Are Not Born Leaders!

They need you to teach them to be one.

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Learn How to Fail Successfully

Failing is natural.Failing successfully is not. Taken in isolation, fail and successful have opposite meanings. However, when we combine the words, their meaning is transformed into a valuable phrase everyone who has ever learned from a failure and succeeded...

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Indistractable – A Superpower

When former NBA basketball player Kevin Johnson was in high school, he was practicing alone in the gym one Saturday night. The janitor asked him why he was not out partying like everyone else. Johnson responded, “parties won’t get me where I want to go.” Johnson was...

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You Can! You Just Choose Not To.

Some people simply don’t want to work hard enough to be successful. That’s it. End of story. They can, they just choose not to. These same people refuse to accept their responsibility for their situation. They seem to have a rolodex of reasons ready to justify...

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