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“Once a changemaker, always a changemaker but only a few swim against the tide.”

– Richard Branson

The Opposite Project

Do the opposite of average and become great!

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Welcome to my website. I love to think and write. I mainly write about mental training, teamwork, learning, and leadership. My number one goal in life is to help my two amazing daughters grow up to be amazing women. This website is a library of the lessons I want them to learn. If these lessons are good enough for my daughters, I hope you can benefit from them too.

Like many bloggers out there, I have had my struggles. The older articles on here are from a time when I called my writing “Raising Strong Girls”. I left these up because they are still great lessons to see.

I changed because I found many of my writings were to many more people than just the parents of girls. One of my favorite podcasts is the Tim Ferriss Show. Tim says the question “What if I did the opposite for 48 hours?” changed his life.

When I read this question, I was stopped in my tracks. I have always spent a major amount of time observing average actions and asking how I could do it differently to be better than average. For the first time, I heard someone articulate the question I have been missing.

I am on a mission to identify average actions and to help you be different by doing the opposite.

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Recent Articles

Keep your Perspective on Failure Realistic

What do you do when your daughter fails? How frustrated do you get at her struggles and missteps? Do you stay calm and focus on the lesson to be learned or do you blow a gasket? The answer to these questions is found in another question: What is your perspective on...

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Thank you Kobe. Now being a #girldad is cool!

I had no plans to write about Kobe Bryant this week. I don’t follow the NBA much any more. He is not my favorite player. Even though we are almost the same age, I really didn’t know much about Kobe outside of basketball. As I randomly checked in on Twitter or my...

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How to Fail Successfully – Part 1

I didn’t mean for it to go this way, but this has turned into a mini series on failing successfully. Two weeks ago I addressed why letting our kids fail is important. Simon Sinek is one of my favorite thinkers and his book, Start with Why, is an excellent resource on...

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