Kids Are Not Born Leaders!

They need you to teach them to be one.

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Don’t Choke

If you have ever competed at anything, you have heard or thought “don’t choke”. But have you ever considered what choking is or why it happens? Choking is not missing the game winning shot. That happens to the best around. Choking is the failure to perform a process...

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Eat Right to Perform Right

The other day, I was in the cafeteria during lunch and one of our starting varsity volleyball players was standing at the microwave with her friend. I asked what she was having for lunch on game day. She told me that was her friend’s food in the microwave, not her’s....

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Make the impossible possible.

What is your 4 minute mile? For decades medical professionals thought it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. Doctors and athletes alike agreed the human body was not physically capable. They all believed this barrier was...

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