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You won’t reach excellence on accident.

Are there times you have been doing something at work or school only to realize when you are done, you don’t have a good idea what you just completed?  Are there times you arrive at your destination, but cannot recall any of the drive?  When you get home in the evening, do you have a hard time remembering a significant accomplishment for the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be just going through the motions in your life.

Some people call this “zoning out”, but it is so much more. When you just go through the motions of your day, you are living your life unconsciously. You plug along, unaware of your opportunities for greatness.

You are missing out on so much.

It is time to make the intentional decision to become fully aware of your potential for greatness. It is time to make a conscious decision to be present in all aspects of your life.  To enjoy it.  To experience it. To thrive in it.

It is time to live your life incomprehensibly, not unconsciously!

Incomprehensible means having no limits or beyond being understood.  Make the intentional decision to live your life with so much vigor and joy that others just don’t understand.

Be a friend so caring that it makes no sense to others.  Be a parent or child so dedicated to your family that it has no limits.  Be a leader so willing to do whatever it takes to be great that others don’t understand.  Be a person filled with so much desire to succeed that it is incomprehensible.

You can’t go through the motions and reach excellence. Don’t live your life unconsciously, live it incomprehensibly!

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