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To separate yourself from the crowd, you must do the opposite of average.

You can accelerate your journey from average to excellent by using the same tips, strategies, and motivation excellent people use that average people don’t.

Be happy for others when they are successful. Help them succeed and find joy when they do.

Being resentful and envious of the success other people have fills your heart with bitterness.

A bitter heart cannot reach its full potential.

Regulate your emotions.

“They made me mad” is a cop out. No one can “make” you anything. Not mad, happy, angry, frustrated or any other emotion.

You allow yourself to experience these emotions. They do not just happen.

Either you will control your emotions or they will control you.

Have a high level of personal accountability.

There will not always be someone else there to push you and make sure you do the job right.

Set your own standard and hold yourself accountable for reaching that standard every time.

The world is and always has been complex.

This complexity demands an ability to thrive in ambiguous and poorly defined situations. You won’t always know exactly what to do.

There are no pre-established rules to follow for many of the situations you will experience over your lifetime.

Make the best decision possible with information you have. Be willing to adjust when necessary.

Control your self talk.

When you lose your confidence or feel anxious, your self talk changes. It becomes negative and self defeating.

If they are not regulated, these thoughts can actually lead you to do the action you are trying to avoid.

Control your self talk by focusing on the things you want to happen instead of the things you are trying to avoid.

Quote of the Week:

“Study as if you know nothing. Work as if you can solve anything.”
– James Clear
Be excellent this week. Do the opposite of average!

Yancey Sanderson

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