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To separate yourself from the crowd, you must do the opposite of average.

You can accelerate your journey from average to excellent by using these tips, strategies, and motivation to get a little better each day.

Spend time just thinking.

Turn off all of your devices. Put everything away.

Just sit and think about whatever comes to mind.

You will experience clarity like never before.

Be a great self evaluator.

When you evaluate your successes and failures, you must be brutally honest about your own strengths and weaknesses.

They are the only ones you can control.

Be unreasonably optimistic.

Dream about what could be.

To have any chance at excellence, you must believe you can achieve it.

The body cannot achieve what the mind cannot conceive.

Think like your supervisor.

Leaders make different decisions than front line workers because they have a bigger picture view. When you make decisions at work or in life, try to think like your supervisor would.

Forcing yourself to focus on the big picture will open new options you did not see before.

Be a warrior.

Warriors have the strength, courage, and willingness to fight to fulfill the mission.

Know what you want. Have a game plan.

Be ready to outwork or outsmart your opponent.

Quote of the Week:

Whatever it is you want to do in life, have the courage and the commitment to do it and to do it your absolute best.
– Pat Summitt

Be excellent this week. Do the opposite of average!

Yancey Sanderson

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