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John Wooden said, “Before you can lead others, you must be able to lead yourself.”

Self leadership is about finding competitive excellence within yourself where you compete to see if you can meet or exceed your own personal high standards.

The Opposite Project provides you with high quality content focused on Confidence, Composure, and Consistency that will help you find your own Competitive Excellence.

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I have been attempting to find a format for this newsletter that works well for all of us. This week’s issue is the latest iteration in that search.

Competitive Excellence

Mental Toughness – Who needs it and why does it matter?

Your suit looks great. You made it to the office 10 minutes early.

The receptionist checked you in and let you know someone would be with you shortly.

As you sit by yourself reviewing your talking points and notes, your mind starts racing.

“What if I forget something?”

“What if they ask a question I’m not ready for?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

This is your dream job. It took weeks to get this interview set up.

Here it is, the most important moment in your life and your mind is turning against you. What do you do?

You must use mental toughness to control your mind so it doesn’t control you if you want any chance of succeeding in situations like this.

Most people think mental toughness is just for athletes. It’s not. Keep reading ….

Tweet of the Week.

We don’t control everything in our lives, but we do get to control our skills and skill development.

Quote of the Week:

“There never was a champion who himself was a good loser. There is a vast difference between a good sport and a good loser.” – Red Blaik

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