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The other day at work, I had a horrible day. Maybe the worst I have ever had. Definitely the worst in a couple of years.

As I sat on my back porch later that evening, reflecting on the day and what to do next, it dawned on me that my entire website is about moving from average to excellent.

Everything I write is about leveling up and getting through the crappy times in order to reach the great ones.

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Can I take my own advice?

Can I put my thoughts and research into action or am I just blowing smoke.

I can tell you one thing. I don’t go down that easy.

Almost every single event that day was out of my control. There was nothing I could have done differently in advance to make them go better.

Controlling what I can control is the first step in moving forward.

These events were extremely frustrating in the moment. They were stressful to deal with. They just kept coming, one after another.

They took all of the skills I have ever developed as a leader just to make it through. But that’s it. It was just a hard day.

Nothing that happened was insurmountable or impossible to solve.

At the end of the day I felt defeated. I felt like a failure on many fronts. Looking back though, I realize those were simply emotions I allowed to be created.

I know from my experiences and research I can either control my emotions or they will control me. I choose the latter

I learned a few things from the events of that day that our team can put into place to respond more efficiently.

I also learned a valuable personal lesson.

I learned that I fold like a cheap tent when it gets hard or I can follow my own advice and buckle down. I will always buckle down because I choose to succeed in spite of rather than fail because of.

You should too.

Here is a reminder for all of us. Being great is hard.

OK, there it is – now we know. The pity party is over. Time to move on.

Time to put our head down and get back to work.

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