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Some people simply don’t want to work hard enough to be successful. That’s it. End of story. They can, they just choose not to.

These same people refuse to accept their responsibility for their situation. They seem to have a rolodex of reasons ready to justify everything.

Having a helpless, “I can’t” mentality that accepts life’s events as fate is having a passive mindset.

People with a passive mindset are justifiers. They justify every situation. They attempt to make themselves feel better by convincing themselves they are not responsible for any of it.

Don’t be one of these people!

The reality of the world is most of your outcomes are your fault. If you refuse to accept this fact, your situation will never change.

Instead of having a passive mindset, you need to develop an active mindset.

When you have an active mindset, you understand you control your actions. You take responsibility for your outcomes.

Things you can do to have an active mindset.

  • Anticipate possible barriers and make a plan to overcome them. Don’t just accept them.
  • Increase your knowledge and skills on your own. Don’t wait for others to do it for you.
  • Choose to accept the challenge of working hard and paying the price. You can if you choose to.
  • Take responsibility for your outcomes. Don’t be a justifier.

Composure Connection: “The hard truth is that most things in your life – good and bad – are your fault. The sooner you realize that, the better things will be.” – Shane Parrish